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Texas Outlaws

Texas Outlaws Travel Team

*last opportunity to travel with the Outlaws- President's Cup '22

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Our goal with the Texas Outlaws is to help parents build confident, self-sufficient, respectful, strong young's not just about lacrosse to us.

Why join?

I've been apart of the Play Hard program since I began the sport in 4th grade, and started to play on the Texas Outlaws in 9th. I was always splitting my time between theater, choir and my other extracurriculars, but playing with the Outlaws was by far one of the biggest highlights. I was able to meet girls from other schools who had the same or different passions from me that all found a love for lacrosse. What I enjoyed most about my time with the Outlaws was that our different skill sets helped us to find our own strengths and weaknesses and come to practice with a challenge to do better the next week. Traveling with everyone to tournaments was another reason I loved playing with the outlaws. We were all goofy on our way out, but when it came down to game time there was a confidence in each other that all the bonding and silliness had created. You could feel everyone competing as a team rather than playing individually. I don't know that I would've continued to play this sport if I hadn't found the Outlaws. They gave me the strength and perseverance to better myself as an athlete and have helped me to prepare for the next few years I face playing for the women's lacrosse team at Bard College. 

Texas Play Hard helps one to find either a great future as a college athlete, or a place to challenge themselves and better their high school game. It is truly an amazing program to be a part of, and I have been glad to be a part of it.

~Sophie Niles- McNeil 2017 attending Bard College

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