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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different?

It is important to us, at Texas Play Hard, to set a good example for our players. Coaches, staff, and volunteers set the best examples of confidence, cooperation, and flexibility in order to help the girls grow on and off the field. As a female-run organization we utilize strong leaders to create an environment that fosters young women to make sound decisions and grow up to be both responsible and caring. This environment is created through a blend of factors; support, clear boundaries/expectations, commitment to learning, and self-empowerment. We encourage participants to meet new people in our accepting and inclusive atmosphere. Confidence, cooperation, and flexibility will allow our campers to have the best experience possible while improving skills applicable on and off the lacrosse field.

What if I don't want to play in college? Is the travel team still right for me?

The travel team is designed for more than just players who want to go on to play in college. Yes this is a great opportunity to be showcased in front of college coaches, however this is not the only purpose of our team. We highly encourage girls to fully immerse themselves when we go out of state to learn the depth of the game that they have yet to experience. When they come back to Texas, they bring that experience here and help build the lacrosse community here in Austin. When the team travels they will learn responsibility, independence, accountability, and another side of lacrosse that they've never touched.

Will my daughter get play time?

At Texas Play Hard we believe that all players play as close to equal time as possible. Each family equally commits to our practices, financial requirements, and travel schedules, therefore in return we commit to each player in a corresponding fashion. Our goal is to showcase our players, providing the experiences to help them grow their game. We focus on individual improvement, not the score.

Are parents required to travel with the team?

Parents are not required to attend out of state trips, which helps keep costs low. Coaches chaperone, transport, and feed the team. This gives an opportunity to teach the girls about responsibility and independence. 

U14 in-state trips will require parents to attend the tournament. We will plan team activities and meetings, however the parent or guardian is responsible for their daughter and her actions.

What if my question wasn't answered?

We are available by phone and email. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and ask your question. We will evaluate each situation individually, and work toward a compromise that meets the needs of your family and Texas Play Hard.

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