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Texas Outlaws

Welcome to the Texas Outlaw community!  For those of you who don't know me, I'm Coach Jo! I started girls lacrosse in Austin back in 1996 while attending the University of Texas for a BS in Applied Learning & Development (aka Education).  I started...

Our core values: 

honesty  love  bravery  truth  

wisdom  humility  respect

My goal has always been to teach the whole Girl not just lacrosse.  We build strong independent women and as a result our Texas Outlaw players go on to a successful college career and beyond.

"My daughter has grown her confidence as well as her skills throughout the year

and became an entirely better player as well as sportsman in general.

What I love most about Coach Jo and her Coaches is that they mentor my daughter

and helps her grow as person not just as a lacrosse player."

~McNeil HS parent 2022

Year-round teams:

Texas Outlaws is offering a year-round program.  The teams begin in August and finish at the end of June.  Our Seniors (2020) will play with our team through the Sandstorm Tournament, January 21st, in Palm Desert, CA.  After Sandstorm, freshman (2023) on the 23's will move up to the U19 team for the remainder of the year (through June 30th).  Tryouts will be held each August. 


"Coach Jo picked the right tournaments for my daughter to be seen by coaches from the colleges she was interested in.  She was recruited by DI, II & III coaches.  It was just up to my daughter to decide which school fit best for her."

~Kirsty Delahunt parent, Rhodes College 2022

Our team doesn't travel just for fun.  These are work trips for many of our girls.  Texas Outlaws play at the creme de la creme of recruiting tournaments.  We travel to the East Coast and West Coast to insure the girls have the opportunity to connect with coaches across the country.  Even better, our players are challenged by the best of the best players at these tournaments.  East Coast lacrosse is different than Texas Lacrosse and different still than West Coast. Each of these tournaments allows our teams to experience a new challenge and learn to adapt to the style of play of every team.  The result is many come home with college connections and all come home with better skills and confidence that they can take on all challengers.

"Jo and the coaches not only taught her lacrosse, they taught her about life."

"TPH has been the best thing to ever happen to my daughter.

Unlike other teams, Texas Outlaws sees my daughter as an individual.

They have worked with her to make her a better lacrosse player, a better teammate and a well-rounded person. I know my daughter will truly appreciate the full package of life skills as she moves on to play college lacrosse and beyond."

~Jenny Buschhorn, Lake Travis 2018 & 2020

"Texas Outlaws is an example of how teenage girls can work together without drama. It's all about everyone getting better skills, teamwork and relationships. 

My Outlaw teammates were always supportive."

~Kaylen Buschhorn, 2018 Grad - McDaniel College 2022

When we travel, at least one evening is always dedicated to team bonding, where the players will meet in the hotel to go over strategy, do self-evaluations and play games as a team. This also provides the opportunity for coaches and players to discuss and evaluate each girl's play.

Parent Involvement:

Besides getting your daughter to/from practice, airports and in-state tournaments, parent participation for the U16 and U19 teams minimal. Two reasons why parent out of state travel is optional:

1) it keeps the cost down per family

2) girls learn more than Lacrosse.

We teach the girls to follow an itinerary, eat properly, travel without parents, etc.  Parents are always welcome to join our trips but the girls will stay as a group (eat, sleep and travel together) until we are back in Austin

MS Teams (summer only)-When we travel out of Texas, players must be accompanied by an adult.  We plan team dinners & bonding.  No additional fees will be paid to the club.

All teams-When we travel within the state, parents will be responsible for travel.  No additional fees will be paid to the club.


We don't expect you to purchase a uniform each year. If you are new or need a new uniform, this will be approximately $100 in addition to team dues. (Reversible, shorts & shirt)

*everyone we will purchase a practice jersey this year which must be worn to practice ~$25

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