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Shelby has been with the TPH program for four years and has enjoyed every minute of it. Coach Jo and her hand-picked assistant coaches (Char, Fitz, Halsey, Kelly, and others) have been an important influence on Shelby's growth in lacrosse and leadership. Shelby has attended TPH Summer Camps, Summer Leagues, the Fall & Winter Sessions, and every Outlaw tournament during her time with the program. Johanna has put together an impressive organization..  

Participating with the Outlaws is where the growth especially happens. TPH approaches the travel team as more than traveling, athletics, and playing lacrosse but also uses the extra one-on-one time to guide her girls to become more self-sufficient and thoughtful as they grow into adults. That may sound corny, but it's what I appreciate most about the program. I have traveled on most of the tournaments and have observed this guidance and development first hand .

--  Russell Hill, parent of Shelby Hill



Katherine started playing with TPH four years ago. Coach Jo and Coach Charlotte elevated her level of play dramatically, barring injuries, Katherine has started every varsity game during her four years of playing for St. Andrew's and she has been a significant contributor to her team.

TPH helped Katherine develop the stick skills and field sense that made her into a player that interested college programs. Because of her hard work in the classroom and on the field, and the skills she learned in TPH, Katherine was able to choose from a number of outstanding academic colleges and universities. Coach Jo helped throughout the process, with assessing Katherine's films and resumes, showing her many schools during tournament trips, and calling college coaches on her behalf.

Any parent in the Austin area with a daughter interested in playing at the collegiate level needs to look into Texas Play Hard. The best players in Central Texas are all TPH girls  reason enough to join. Add in the exposure to college coaches through tournaments, and the college tours Jo takes the team on during trips and it is clear that TPH is the best thing to happen to Cen-Tex Lacrosse since the game was invented.

The Stegmanns



My daughter has participated with TPH for five years since seventh grade. We have experienced first hand Coach Jo's and Char's excellent coaching, insightful college counseling for girls that want to play at the next level, and personal training. My daughter tore her ACL during a high school game in the spring of her sophomore year. We were incredibly touched by the support we received from our TPH community. There is not a game my daughter plays in that she does not know girls from her TPH experience.

Coach Jo has worked with my daughter after her injury to get her back on the field. In the process, she has brought injury prevention techniques to all the TPH practices that hopefully will strengthen these players and prevent devastating injuries. She has been a tremendous mentor to Alessandra. She empowers her players physically by pushing them to higher levels of lacrosse performance. She also helps to develop these players into confident, self-assured, responsible young women. I can honestly say my daughter would not be the lacrosse player or person she is today without TPH.

Palmer Quaroni, mother of Alessandra Quaroni 11th grader St. Andrew's Episcopal School



Jo and all the coaches at TPH are devoted to developing not only lacrosse skills in their players, but also as leaders and team players.  Jo wants to promote Austin players going on to play at the college level through visiting colleges, helping with resumes and guiding you through the college lacrosse process.

Their travel teams go to fun places for tournaments, California, Florida, Boston, Washington DC and the girls have a great time playing teams from all across the US.  It is also an opportunity to make new friends across the Austin lacrosse scene.  

I highly recommend TPH to any girl that wants to develop strong lacrosse skills and have great mentors on and off the field!

Karen Browning, senior TPH parent



I learned about Texas Play Hard through my high school coach, an open email inviting anyone who was interested in guest playing. Although I was the only one from Dallas and I didn't know anyone on the team and I was a little nervous at first, not even five minutes into the first practice everyone on the team had introduced themselves and welcomed me very readily. The next weekend, when we traveled to California for the Sandstorm tournament, the girls were just as nice--including me in all conversations, warm-up drills, and hanging out at dinner or at the hotel. It felt like I had been on the team for years when really I had only been to 2 hours of practice. Coach Jo also helped a lot, and taught me so much in a very short time.

Megan Porter- Hockaday School



TPH is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have known Coach Jo since I was in second grade, and without her, I would not be where I am today. I am about to sign a National Letter of Intent for a scholarship to play lacrosse in college at one of the top D2 teams.

Coach Jo welcomes every player no matter what level and makes them an amazing player. She started with me back when I only knew the name of the sport and what a stick looked like, and she has transformed me into a college athlete in a matter of 4 years. She pushed me to the limit and has also helped me outside of lacrosse. She is a wonderful mentor. Without TPH and Coach Jo's want to make every player the best they can be, I would not be anywhere near ready to play at the college level.

Rachel McCarthy- St. Andrew's Episcopal School '11



Texas Play Hard is a great way to see how lacrosse should be played. Coach Jo is never not thinking about lacrosse. She is always working to improve her knowledge of the game and she seamlessly implements her deep knowledge of the game into efficient drills. TPH offers girls the ability to travel and to see how different the game is on the east coast. Playing against such awesome competition does what her practices attempt to convey to you, the intensity that you can bring your game to. The TPH experience gave me the confidence I needed to practice how I play, and it also showed me future opportunities that I could pursue that I would have never dreamed of before.

Kaitlynn Hall- Bowie High School '09



TPH has been great for my daughter. I think it has helped her self esteem and made her feel confident regarding her lacrosse skills. She is really excited about lacrosse and looks forward to practice sessions as well as games. Coaches Jo and Char have inspired her and helped her self confidence to participate with older girls at her school. I have had a chance to hang out and watch both practice sessions and games. Coach Jo and Coach Char are always enthusiastic and positive in their work with the girls. I've been most impressed with their ability to push my daughter to develop at her own speed, but they are never demoralizing. I know my daughter looks forward to playing in high school and perhaps even college lacrosse. Coaches Jo and Char have been positive role models for her.

David Kessler, M.D. 8th grade player parent



Texas Play Hard Lacrosse League has brought my daughters lacrosse skills to another level. The level that she'll need in college. The level that makes college recruiters look at how she plays. The skills that my daughter has gained reflect the experience of well organized coaches. Each practice, game, and tournament is well thought out. The coaches spend loads of hours on a "game plan" whether it's for actual play or for an itinerary for out of state travel. Really. They leave no detail out. Really.

Cost? I can not put a cost on what the coaches have taught my daughter in relation to staying motivated, evaluations, and accountability. Not only has my daughter become a strong lacrosse player because of the coaches at TPH and their expectations, she has become leader on and off the field. The cost is a well rounded lacrosse player and it is invaluable.

Thank you Coach Jo, Coach Charlotte and your co-coaches for the great years of Lacrosse! I am proud to recommend Texas Play Hard to all !!!

Brenda S. 11th grade Bowie parent



Both of our older daughters joined TPH in the fall of their 7th grade year. From the beginning, they were challenged and encouraged by engaged and skilled coaches to learn new lacrosse skills. TPH asked them to work hard and focus during practices; as a result, they continually improved. Besides what they have learned on the lacrosse field, they have gained team-building skills. They have gotten so much out of being a part of the group which has included players from many schools in Central Texas, from Houston, the Woodlands, and Dallas in Texas, and from Corvallis, Oregon. Now that our daughters are in high school, we can look back and realize that TPH has been a tremendously positive and enriching experience. And, we can look forward to them being able to continue working on their lacrosse skills and to continue working alongside dedicated lacrosse players from other schools and cities.

Bonner Kyle and Mark Evarts- 9th & 10th grade St. Stephen's parents



My daughter played with TPH two years and it was definitely an experience of a lifetime. She was challenged, motivated and encouraged by the coaching staff and team members. After each tournament she was given a written and verbal evaluation of her playing time. This evaluation gave a personnel touch to the experience. Strengths and weaknesses are all addressed in a professional manner and with respect. I believe that the training, tournament play and coaching she received through TPH enhanced her lacrosse skills and gave her the confidence she needed to pursue lacrosse at the collegiate level. I highly recommend this program.

Susan Grist- mother of Haleigh Williams (Milsaps College)

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